Kid crooner hopes to catapult career with videos

Familiar Faces
By: Menka Belgal, Telegraph Correspondent
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A local YouTube sensation is looking at trying to launch a career, even though he?s only 10 years old. Bronson Maringer?s YouTube channel,, currently features five videos and one of them has garnered more than 30,000 hits. This El Dorado Hills kid is looking forward to a bright future. What is the first song you ever sung? It was most likely ?Happy Birthday? because I have so many brothers and sisters. The first song I sang in front of an audience was in third-grade at my school?s talent show. It was ?What a Wonderful World.? On the radio, one of my favorites to sing with is ?Forget You? by Cee Lo Green. What style of music do you like? I like alternative music like MGMT and Coldplay. I normally sing songs by Adele because they fit my voice. One of my favorite bands is Mumford and Sons. I also like music from the 1970s and ?80s like Journey, Michael Jackson and Led Zeppelin. Do you take voice lessons? No. I started singing when I was 4. That?s when I realized I liked singing. I sing when I?m at school. I sing a lot a home. How do you feel about the comments on YouTube about your singing? Some are nice so it makes me feel good. I see the number of likes and dislikes. The mean comments sometimes discourage me but I keep on singing anyway. Is there anything that distracts you when you perform? It?s the bright lights and people clapping off sync. Have you sent audition tapes anywhere? I was going to send a tape into America?s Got Talent this season. The auditions were actually in Sacramento, but we didn?t. I might next time. I?m hoping to start going to auditions in Los Angeles. My stepmom knows a lot of entertainment people. Tell us about your family. Steele, 9, is the youngest and likes drumming and loves to draw. We are basically inseparable. Then there is Colton, 17, who likes fishing, singing, playing guitar, keyboards and lots of other instruments. Hayden, 20, is a professional guitarist and tours around the world. McKenna, 15, likes shopping and hanging out with friends. Maycillia, 19, goes to a Culinary University in Rhode Island and works at an Asian Fusion restaurant in New York City for the summer. My dad owns a construction company. He is the hardest worker and works really long days to care for all of us. He is the best dad in the world. My stepmom is a classical pianist and a singer. She also was California?s Universal Ms. and the current World Talent Winner. She used to be an actress. She was the little girl in the movie ?The Towering Inferno.? My dad and mom grew up in Los Angeles. They were sweethearts in second grade. They got reconnected in February 2008 and were married four months later. We have two dogs. One is ?Freddy?, a 13-year-old black and white Boston Terrier and Chantz, a teacup Chihuahua. What hobbies do you have? I love to sing, run, and sleep (but I still wake up early on the weekends). I like playing video games and Legos. Sometimes my brother Steele and I race. I like biking around the neighborhood (often without using my hands), and swimming. I write lyrics. One song I wrote is a parody on a song of Michael Jackson?s that I call Skinny Jeans. I love writing. I write extra credit stories for school and also write science fiction. George Lucas inspires me for my stories of science fiction. I like reading too. My favorite book is The Hunger Games. I?m still working on the second book. I saw the movie three days after it came out. Do you have a favorite movie and why? My favorite movie is ?Forrest Gump? because it proves that even though Forrest had autism he could do anything he wanted to. Do you have any favorite foods? My dad?s homemade spaghetti is the best. I put Parmesan cheese on it and can eat four plates of it. I also like all of my stepmom?s breakfasts. There are also my dad?s stuffed peppers which are stuffed with beef and other vegetables. I?m allergic to honeydew melon, cantaloupe and avocado. What singing contests have you entered? The only one I was in was at Silva Valley. I won the Best Overall Act and got a $25 gift certificate. I also won for Best Male Vocal and won a $10 gift certificate. I was actually very surprised. I?m doing an El Dorado County Talent Show in December in Cameron Park. I did it last year and sang ?Set Fire to the Rain.? Where do you see yourself 10 years from now? Honestly, I don?t know. I let life take its course. I?d like to do something related to singing. It would help my family in a lot of ways. I think I might want to be a movie star like my stepmom. I like acting too.