Jones has what it takes to be sheriff

Reader input
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On June 8th, the people of Sacramento County will make a critical law enforcement selection. We will vote for a new sheriff. That ballot choice is even more critical now because of the county’s declining revenues. Based on my more than 24 years of service in the Sheriff’s Department, I recommend Scott Jones for sheriff. There is no other choice. Our sheriff leads a department of just over 2,000 dedicated people. He also manages a budget that directly impacts our court services costs, local businesses climate and the safety of the people of the county. Most of the county’s budget is federally or state mandated. That means discretionary spending — such as in sheriff’s patrol and detectives — has drastically declined as county revenues fell. Jones has exceptional people skills, a law degree, an unflappable demeanor, and a genuine interest in the welfare of the residents. He is a reliable, competent and courageous leader and thoughtful manager. Bill Barnsdale, Sacramento