It's spooky, scary ... and kid friendly

By: Penne Usher Telegraph Correspondent
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In the Waterford subdivision of El Dorado Hills, a quiet tree lined street, one house stand out from the others — in an eery way. Cars slowed as they passed by the Sheffield Drive home of David Michael to take a better look at the Halloween décor with a pirate theme. A “wrought iron fence” keeps the ghosts and goblins confined. A cave, yet to be built as of press time, will greet trick or treaters this Halloween night. “They enter here to the pirate’s cave to get their candy,” said Michael, who was inspired by his childhood to decorate the home he shares with 3-year-old Allison, 6-year-old Sean and 9-year-old Madeline and his wife. “I remember when I was little and all the houses were decorated,” he said. “I started with a little and have since tried to make it stand out.” Tombstones, skeleton pirates, skulls and a few ghoulish creatures haunt the front yard of the home. Michael said he spends a little each year — mostly building his own decorations right down to the hand drummeled headstones, but now that purchaed decorations look more authentic, he said he does indulge in some more costly items. Michael said he spent about $55 on a bizarre looking creature that stands 6-feet tall and in all he has about $2,000 invested in his decorations. To keep all the neighborhood kids coming to his house for the sweet treats Michaels mellows his potentially frightening display. “I try to tone it down for the little kids. I wouldn’t want to scare them. I want them to have fun,” he said. Neighbor Jeanne Duran said she anxously watched as the display grew. “I keeps getting bigger and bigger,” Duran aid. “I’m glad that my 5-year-old son isn’t afraid. Nothing jumps out at you. Which is a good thing.” For the family’s eldest child, having a creative father is all good. “It’s fun,” said 9-year-old Madeline. “We get to help make it and it’s cool.”