Intense workout

Prime Time Boxing already popular
By: Matt Long
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Boxing isn’t just for fighters anymore. People bored with their exercise routines or just looking for an intense way to get fit have another option now that Prime Time Boxing opened for business on Aug. 18. Located at 1719 Prairie City Road, the gym already has 48 clients participating in classes. Not only are they getting a workout, but as an added bonus they’re also learning how to box. “We’ve got people who are bored with exercising and are looking for something different,” said Adrian Dougherty, a trainer at the gym. “This is an exciting way to get in shape. We have them do the same exercises that a boxer would do. “Some people are here to lose weight. Some are here just to feel good about themselves and others are trying to quit drinking or smoking.” With franchises already in Sacramento and Roseville, the Folsom location, opened by El Dorado Hills resident Mike Cimorelli, is the third in the region, and has already sparked a strong interest among local residents. “We were certainly hoping to have this good of a turnout this early,” said Cimorelli, who’s also the president of Cimorelli Construction. “We’ve done a lot of advertising and our sign holders have been very effective.” Somewhat surprisingly, of the 48 clients currently signed up for classes, 22 are women. Kim McCarthy, a 27-year-old bartender who lives in Fair Oaks, enjoys the class. “It sounded therapeutic to me,” McCarthy said. “It sounded like a good way to relax. “I really like it. I get a lot more done here in 45 minutes than I would anywhere else. It’s a great workout. I like it because someone is here instructing me and correcting me and I need that.” McCarthy, who’s in a class with four other men, isn’t bothered that she’s the only woman in her class. “It’s not intimidating at all,” McCarthy said. “I’m so focused on what I’m doing, I don’t even notice that it’s all guys.” Dougherty, a 23-year-old boxer himself, led McCarthy, Folsom residents Scott Fairchild, 24 and Chad Sargent, 30, Placerville’s Josh Smotherman, 33, and El Dorado Hills resident Demi Lemarquand through a demanding 45-minute class on Thursday morning. The class started with five minutes or so of jump roping before moving on to shadow boxing with Dougherty watching over the group making sure his class was using the proper form. After several minutes hitting the heavy bags, the class did some weight work with dumb bells, before working the speed bag and finishing with lots of work on the abs. The fast-paced workout had the class in a heavy sweat and pretty well spent when the final bell sounded. Fairchild, a 2002 graduate of Folsom High, who now works as a financial advisor, also enjoys the class. “I used to play high school basketball so I’m used to intense workouts,” Fairchild said. “I’ve never boxed before, but the trainers are really good and take their time with you. There’s no pressure and no stress. It’s a good workout.” Sargent, a 30-year-old manufacturing consultant, who graduated from Oak Ridge High in 1996, frequented the Prime Time Boxing gym in Sacramento, but didn’t continue because of the commute. He’s glad to have a gym close to home. “This workout gives you great cardio and works a ton of muscles,” Sargent said. “The core work is unbelievable. “All the exercises are done at your level and it’s progressive so it’s good that way. “I also enjoy the group atmosphere here. There’s a camaraderie with the class and they help push you harder.” Smotherman lives in Placerville and works for the city of Dixon’s fire department, so the drive from home to the gym in Folsom is nothing. He’s another fan of the workout he gets at Prime Time Boxing. “They push you here and I like that,” Smotherman said. “It’s a new sport for me and it’s definitely a different kind of workout. I’ve always admired boxers from afar so this is fun. The workout is more intense than I thought, but I was pleasantly surprised with the intensity. I like it and I feel good.” Classes meet three times a week for 45 minutes and run for four weeks. At the end of the four weeks, optional supervised sparring is available. The gym offers early morning and evening classes for adults and also has classes for teens and younger kids as well. For pricing or more information, visit or call 985-BOXN (2696).