Intense gun sales leave retailers scrambling for product

By: Eyragon Eidam, Telegraph Correspondent
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Gun retailers are facing an unexpected blowback after months of record breaking sales. The product that once flew off of their shelves is now nowhere to be found and is causing serious trouble for small retailers.

Following the tragic events at Sandy Hook Elementary School in December 2012 and the subsequent conversations on gun control in America, many gun enthusiasts and first time buyers made a rush to their local gun stores to purchase firearms and ammunition they feared would no longer be available to them.

Though gun retailers across the country were at the center of the action when it came to record breaking sales, they are now facing problems due to a severe backorder of popular firearms and ammunition.

Bill Sharff, owner of STS Guns in Folsom, attributes the rush on gun shops to a general fear among gun owners that certain types of firearms may no longer be available to consumers.

“This is crippling to many small businesses that can’t get product,” said Sharff, “We are keeping our heads above water, but many small shops are not staying in business.”

As the current situation stands, retailers are unable to meet the steady demand for many semi-automatic handguns, semi-automatic rifles like the popular AR-15, as well as the accompanying ammunition.

Sharff confirmed firearms and ammunition manufactures are said to be working at an increased rate to meet the demand for their products, but local retailers have yet to see the fruit of these manufacturing efforts.

“Where is the product?” asked Sharff, concerned with the lack of stock for waiting customers.

Mark Allard, owner of Sierra Gun Exchange in Cameron Park, said getting popular product is not an easy task these days.

“As for providing the customer with what they are looking for, we aren’t where we’d like to be,” said Allard of the current product scarcity.

Though both Sharff and Allard are waiting for their missing product, they both said their businesses were healthy and were not considering cost cutting measures like layoffs.

Several attempts to contact popular firearm and ammunition manufactures regarding this issue went unanswered.