Incumbents retain Folsom City Council seats

Roger Gaylord vows to run again in 2014
By: Don Chaddock, Managing Editor
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While it looks like the one challenger vying for a seat on the Folsom City Council didn’t come out on top, he said he’ll be better prepared in two years.

Roger Gaylord, the candidate who promoted himself as a “fresh face” for Folsom, managed to garner more than 20 percent of the vote, with the remaining votes split between incumbents Jeff Starsky and Ernie Sheldon.

Sheldon said Gaylord put up an impressive showing.

“My supporters say they give him credit for trying,” Sheldon said from an election party at his home Tuesday night. “I got along fine with Gaylord. We’ve seen a lot of people run once and never come back. Hopefully, that won’t happen with him.”

Sheldon said Gaylord’s youth shouldn’t be held against him.

“I think Roger did good considering he has no experience,” Sheldon said. “I’d like to see him get that experience (by staying involved with the city).”

Gaylord said he’s learned a lot from his first run at a council seat and he doesn’t plan to lose the momentum he’s built. In two year, seats currently held by Kerri Howell, Steve Miklos and Andy Morin will be up for election. Gaylord said he’ll be ready.

“Close to 7, 000 residents clearly want a fresh face in Folsom leadership,” Gaylord said. “I feel I ran an honest campaign and gained a tremendous amount of knowledge along the way. It’s extremely hard to unseat a career politician. I went in know this.”

Gaylord said he still plans to get involved in working on working with citizens groups.

“I do plan on starting my citizen action committee to hold our city leaders accountable and create transparency for Folsom residents,” he said. “I also plan to work with Folsom Police and Fire to look into a cadet program. Getting involved with our younger generation will only benefit Folsom.”

Gaylord said it’s only the beginning.

“I will continue to be involved in Folsom and will be back in 2014,” he said. “Congratulations go out to Mr. Sheldon and Mr. Starsky for their wins. They certainly earned them.”