Howell should be mayor

Reader input
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I attended the Folsom City Council swearing-in ceremony and election of the mayor and was very disappointed. On Nov. 18, I e-mailed the following message to the members of the city council: “I’m writing this to encourage you to elect Kerri Howell as mayor of Folsom in January when you elect the next mayor. As you know, Kerri has served on the Council longer than anyone but Steve Miklos and has never been mayor, while he has been mayor eight times. “Both Jeff Starsky and Andy Morin have served less time on the Council, but have both been mayor. “It seems to me that this is a great oversight and an even greater disservice to our city. I also think it is a slap in the face to the voters who have elected her to the city council for the past 12 years. “Kerri has attended many, many public events throughout our city and has been a huge asset to the people of Folsom for the last 12 years, just like she will be for the next four years. I believe that she has earned the position of mayor of Folsom and rightly deserves it.” At last week’s meeting, Kerri was not elected mayor. I am disappointed, as are the 16 or so people who came with me to support Kerri Howell. I can only hope that next year at this time I will be delighted with the council’s decision for mayor. Carolyn Woods, Folsom