How much are your antiques worth? Find out Saturday

By: Margaret Snider, Telegraph Correspondent
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For those who may want to get an idea of the value of grandma?s quilt, the Folsom History Museum is the place to be. On Saturday, July 21, the museum will host a limited version of the larger appraisal/evaluation event that has occurred every September for 15 years. The evaluations are in conjunction with the quilt show now going on at the museum through Labor Day. ?We have so many people who attend the quilt show that we decided to do an appraisal day just specializing mainly on quilts and clothing,? said Candy Miller, president of the Folsom Historical Society. Miller is in charge of the evaluation events at the museum. The July 21st event will be open from 11 am to 2 pm. Besides quilts, the evaluators will help to date family photos and assess pre-1920 clothing and jewelry. The larger event in September will accept all categories of items for evaluation, and there will be 20 evaluators there, as opposed to four at this event. ?I call it an evaluation, not an appraisal,? said jewelry evaluator Douglas Petok. ?We?re giving somebody an idea of what they have, they?ve got about five or six minutes per evaluation.? Petok will be representing himself and Sharif Jewelers. Jewelry of any kind can be brought in as well as stone carvings such as cloisonné and stone snuff bottles. Oscar Lugo, who has a shop at Empire Antiques in Placerville, will also be evaluating jewelry. Dawn Licker, who has been appraising quilts for around 10 years, is a certified American Quilt Society appraiser, one of only 92 in the United States. She said that there are certain things to look for in evaluating a quilt. ?The condition is most important, and scarcity of the pattern,? Licker said, ?how well it was made, and how frequently you see them or not see them.? Clothing and photo evaluation will be done by Linda Setnik, who has been a volunteer at the museum since retiring a couple of years ago. She has been delving deeply into the subject of antique clothing for years, and is the author of a book on the subject, ?Victorian Costumes for Ladies,? which was published in 2000. ?Most books just go by decade,? Setnik said. ?But I went from when the clothing actually changed, and it changed anywhere from a three- to six-year time period usually, so you can date the photographs that way.? Setnik has done a lot of research, going through microfilms of Godey?s Lady?s Book, among the first of America?s lady?s fashion magazines in the 1800s. She has examined many more books and periodicals, as well as old photographs. There is no limit on the number of items that can be brought for evaluation this Saturday. The charge is $8.00 per item or $35.00 for five, with the fee going directly to the Folsom History Museum. The four volunteer appraisers will be providing all the evaluations during this three-hour activity, and they will be included among the twenty who will be helping out at the larger event in September. ?In September we average a couple hundred (evaluations) through the course of the day,? Miller said. She said that quilts can be valued at hundreds of dollar, even thousands. ?It?s not necessary to register anything in advance,? Miller said. ?Just show up at the museum and we?ll take it from there.? Petok said that he enjoys the people most during the evaluation day. ?I get to work with a great bunch of people,? Petok said. ?They have some great stories to tell. Once in a while we get to see some very unusual pieces that come in, something very old and unique.? ----- KNOW AND GO Who: Folsom Historical Society What: Out of Grandma?s Trunk: Quilt, pre-1920 clothing, jewelry, and family photo dating evaluations When: 11 a.m.-2 p.m., Saturday, July 21 Where: Folsom History Museum, 823 Sutter St. Cost: $8 per evaluation or $35 for five evaluations