How has the economy affected your spending habits?

Word on the street, asked in Folsom Historic Business District
By: Don Chaddock, Telegraph editor
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“It hasn’t changed a whole lot. But, layoffs are always a possibility so savings are a backup. I did buy this on sale. I couldn’t pay full price." -- Jeree Last, 41, El Dorado Hills "I spend a lot less, that is for sure. I spend mostly now on just my friends and family." -- Neill SooHoo, 46, Folsom "It hasn’t changed. I don’t spend that much money. I’ve been collecting coupons for a long time. You prioritize want versus need." -- Avery Lim, 51, Folsom "It hasn’t impacted my spending much at all because I’m retired. We’re in a set routine so things are about the same." -- Ron Byrd, 68, Folsom "I don’t go out as much (and there are) no dinners, no fancy restaurants and fewer hair appointments." -- Elvia Triki, 35, Folsom "It hasn’t affected my spending too greatly. We both work for the state and have taken a 10 percent pay cut. There’s definitely not as much free money out there as there was." -- Dennis McEwan, 51, Sacramento