How do you feel about Oak Ridge grad Austin Collie playing in the Super Bowl?

By: Laura Newell, Telegraph Staff Writer
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“I think it’s wonderful to have a young man from our (area) playing. I’ll be rooting for him because we need to support our neighbors.” -- Elaine Massey, 75, Folsom, retired “That’s very cool that Austin Collie is from this area and playing in the Super Bowl. We are very happy for him.” -- Veronica Hintz, 32, Orangevale, nail stylist “I think for him to make it that far (to the Super Bowl) is excellent. His heart is really into it. Now I’ll be watching (the game).” -- Jeannette Rhinehart, 45, Sacramento “I don’t really want him to win because I want New Orleans to win. They have been down and out and it will give them something to celebrate.” -- Erik Loigom, 54, owner, Winestyles in Folsom “I’m excited. It’s always more fun to watch (the Super Bowl) when someone is playing from your area.” -- Leia Barrientos, 32, Lincoln, makeup artist