Historic District less safe now

Reader input
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I recently visited old town Folsom to check on the progress of the improvement project. I could not believe what I saw. The place is going to be less safe now that it was before — and I thought the entire point of the project was to make it safer and ADA approved. After dark, the steps on the sidewalks are very hard to see. They are not marked in yellow or reflective tape but marked in red and they cannot be seen. In fact I didn’t see one outside Chicago Fire and fell, face first on the concrete. I was sober, too. There are no lights to signify the steps and where there is inadequate street lighting, (which is everywhere) they are impossible to see. I spent a good long time walking from one end to the other and found this to be the rule rather than the exception. This could have been a simple fix too, but was somehow overlooked. Now on to another situation that will become dangerous — the downspouts for the water runoff of the balconies and overhangs. There are no collectors to collect the water running down the spouts that empty directly into the street. There should have been a system that collects the water from the downspouts and sends it into a collection system below ground. Now when water runs off, it goes directly to the street. This is dangerous. Eventually it will become severely dangerous when organisms begin to grow where the water runs on the street. Algae and moss thrive in this situation. And once rooted, are nearly impossible to remove. This creates a liability situation for the city that was created with the streetscape project. It seems to me that perhaps Folsom should be asking the project planners about how to mitigate these problems. To me it seems that these are severe problems that will lead to many issues, injuries and possible lawsuits. Ben Baity, Citrus Heights