Healing at heart of intense therapy massage

By: Laura Newell, Of the Telegraph
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For more than 20 years, Lisa Slininger has worked to transform the healing process for reoccurring injuries through her specialty work in medical and therapeutic massage.

Slininger, a California Certified Massage Therapist, is the owner and therapist at Intense Therapy at 312 Natoma St. in Folsom.

Slininger began her massage work in 1974 in Japan after attending Shonan Medical College, specializing in medical massage and acupuncture. After moving to the United States in 1977, she continued her education and certifications.

She opened Intense Therapy in Folsom in 2001.

“My practice of intense therapy is a new way to heal,” Slininger said. “I am not afraid of anything. My mission is to heal people.”

She explained many of her patients have either long-term pain from injuries or life-threatening illnesses and are in need relief from their constant pain and suffering.

“My work releases the toxins, tension and pain caused by injuries,” she said. “With my help, people can gain relief and ease. Often my work can even heal someone from future surgeries and other medical procedures.”

She said one man she treated in Folsom suffered from liver disease and digestion issues.

“When he first came to me, he needed a liver transplant,” she said. “He was in so much pain and could barely stand and walk. But I used intension therapy techniques to release the toxins and tension built up in him. After a follow-up with his regular physician, he was told his liver was improving and was not in immediate need of a new liver. Soon after, he was able to receive a liver through the transplant list. He immediately called me and thanked me for my work. This is my passion, to help people. If I see someone in pain, it’s my mission to heal them.”

Slininger’s techniques include compression, broadening, friction, petrissage, compressive effleurage and tapotement.

“I feel that I am a pioneer for medical messages,” she said. “But, there are still so many people who don’t understand what it really is. But, it is my goal to educate people on the practice and eventually have the support of health insurance companies.”

Dr. Randall West, Doctor of Osteopathic Medicine, refers clients to Slininger from his Creekside Osteopathic Family Practice office in Folsom. West is board certified in family practice.

“We want to treat the underlying cause of the patient’s problem,” West said. “Lisa has this innate ability to find the source of the problem and also find the source of the problem of pain in the body. Everything in the body works together, so if you are in pain in one area, your body will overcompensate causing more pain in the body. Lisa is able to keep those muscles loose and healthy. Then I can then continue the correct the patient’s alignment of the body, therefore maintaining the structure-function relationship of the body.”

Slininger said if someone has a medical condition from a motor vehicle or other accident that a doctor believes can be helped by medical massage, prescription forms can be found on her website for physicians to fill out.

“If I accept you for treatment, then I will follow your doctor’s plan for your care and bill your insurance company or your lawyer for any treatments,” she said.

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