Hair fashion benefit in El Dorado Hills launches new company

By: Staff report
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“The fashion is in the hair,” said founder and owner Donna Huston of her first event, Masque Hair Ade, which will debut her company and give the community a first look into what Beautimark Productions has to offer.

At the 8 p.m. event on Jan. 12 at Sidebar Nightclub in El Dorado Hills, Beautimark Productions will premiere some of their services, like Queen for a Day. Other services provided by Beautimark Productions include fashion shows, hair shows, Queen for a Day packages, Girls Night Out parties, shopping center fashion events, charitable events, club events, HDTV, film projects, editorial print, makeover shows, weddings, and full/half day seminars. Huston swears by her company’s decree, “No event is too big or too small.”

This particular event is a masquerade hair fashion show, something Huston said was inspired by her work as a professional stylist.

“I’ve always been intrigued that I find some hide behind hair like they hide behind a mask in a masquerade ball, not revealing who they really are,” she said.

The event sells out at 150 attendees and will include the hair fashion show, choreography, video presentations, and an after-party featuring a DJ and dancing. The hair fashion is constructed using props to make it more theatrical. Masquerade attire is encouraged. Tickets are $20 and can be purchased at or by calling (916) 365-5507. Tickets must be purchased in advance. The doors open at 7 p.m. The Nightclub will be transformed to include a stage and a runway. Each attendee will walk away with a swag bag, filled with hair product and other items. Three lucky attendees will win the Queen for a Day prizes of different values and services.

Huston continues that her company’s goal is not only to provide fashion and beauty for entertainment in the community, but to expose people to an experience in a venue unlike anything they’ve ever seen before.

“Hair shows are not traditionally seen by the public. This is a professionals only industry that we want to open up to the public, broadening our market,” she said.

Intrigued by the masks and the romance behind masquerade balls, Huston wants to bring something new to the area, a night out with an emphasis on hair and fashion.

“This is a night out to see something new and different and fashionable: inspired hair,” said Huston. “My hope is that people will be entertained in a professional way.”

Sarah Barber, the choreographer for the event, believes this event is a good opportunity for people to go out of their comfort zones and into the community, to see what is going on around them.

“Rather than living in a closed-minded environment it great to see what ideas and inspirations are out there,” Barber said, “Especially at an event like this, which allows for a cultural experience and an artistic event which allows for questions, broadening horizons, and furthering art expansion within the community.”

Her inspiration is the music itself setting the scene.

“It is interesting combining the different ideas from all the artists to create a unique piece of work. From Madonna to oldies in the music industry, each song provides different inspiration, feelings, emotions, and movements,” said Barber. “Every person brings a different energy and talent to the space which allows for the greatest output in a show!”

Glenda De la Cruz is creating little commercials for each of the artists to be played during the show and is documenting all activities completed by Beautimark Productions. She is the resident videographer and decided to join Huston because of her belief that she’s a “hard working visionary who's going to create big things with this business.”

Because of this belief, De la Cruz plans to stay with Beautimark Productions until it reaches its full potential.

“I plan to ride the wave with Donna all the way to the top. As long as we're all still having fun and getting big things done, I'll continue to help these artists share their vision with the world.”

Denise Avallone, a hairstylist for the event has created three different looks to show at the event. She decided to participate in this event to challenge herself and put to work her previous knowledge and experience as an artist and hairdresser.

She says her inspiration came from what the models would look like in mask and costume.

“What inspired me for two of my models were the masks themselves and the costumes I would pair with them. One model will not have an actual mask, but I was inspired by and era for her look: the 1940s,” Avallone said.

Avallone said this event will allow the community to become familiar with the company and interested in its future as a team effort.

“And let’s face it,” she said, “It’s fun.”

Beautimark Productions’ next event is on Feb. 9, 2013 at the Reunion Nightclub, the Valentines Secrets Lingerie Fashion Show. Attendees will receive complimentary hair and makeup touch-ups by Beautimark artists and be given the opportunity to show in the Beautimark Boutique during the pre-show. More information about the show and ticket purchases are available online at

Huston assured the community that there is more in store for them in the future events of Beautimark Productions.

“We will do at least six major productions through the year in addition to ongoing Queen for a Day services, parties and classes too," she said.