Graves said knee felt loose

By: Matt Long
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Dano Graves was sitting on the bench in tears late in the third quarter of Friday’s win over Buhach Colony. The senior quarterback was injured had a bag of ice taped to his right knee, which later would be immobilized with a leg brace. He wasn’t crying because of the pain; however, he was crying because he believed the injury was serious. “I was running the ball up the middle and a guy came in from the right and hit my knee and my cleat was in the ground,” Graves explains. “I spun around and went down and then another guy came in with a late hit, but that didn’t have anything to do with the injury.” Graves stayed in the game for one more play, which turned out to be a five-yard touchdown run by Jordan Richards. He then stayed in to hold the extra point for Dillon Wessing and then limped off the field. “It was an option play and I flipped it to Jordan right away because I knew my knee was hurt,” Graves said. “There wasn’t any pain, but it just felt like my knee was loose and didn’t have much support. I think my adrenaline kicked for a short while but even if Jordan wouldn’t have scored, I was coming out of the game after that play.” Graves said the knee was sore and stiff Saturday morning, but felt better later in the evening. Sunday Graves told Folsom coach Kris Richardson it felt a little better. “Dano told me it felt way better on Sunday,” Richardson said. “Dano’s upbeat and that’s a good sign. I’ve had knee sprains that have kept me out two weeks and others that I was playing a few days later so it will probably be a game-time decision if he plays or not.” If Graves does play, he said he might have to make a slight change to how he plays. “I probably won’t be as mobile, so I’d have to rely on my arm more,” Graves said. “Instead of trying to escape the pocket and make a play, I might have to throw the ball out of bounds.”