Graves headed to Air Force

By: Matt Long
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Dano Graves has chosen the Air Force Academy over Sacramento State. After visiting both schools in the last month, Graves decided Monday that he wants to attend the academy. “The facilities were extremely good, top notch,” Graves said. “The players I met were quality guys. I also like the opportunities that come with Air Force like the benefits and the job. Graves, who led the Bulldogs to a Division II state championship and set a state record for touchdowns in the season with 85, has a 10-year commitment with Air Force. After five years of school, he must give the Academy five more years. “Or I could do another 15 years and retire,” Graves said. “I could be a graduate assistant, could coach or become a pilot, which I might want to do.” Graves, the MaxPreps National High School Player of the Year, has not decided what he wants to study, but athletically speaking, he’s glad he’s got the opportunity to be a quarterback. “They have two guys who will be seniors and after that I think I have a good shot at competing for the starting job,” Graves said. “I hope I could play against my brother (Dave). “ The University of Hawaii, where Dave Graves attends school, will be to the Mountain West Conference in 2012, which is what conference that Air Force belongs to. Graves also had good things to say about Sac State, but in the end Air Force won out. “It was a very hard decision,” Graves said. “Sac State is a great school with great coaches and players and I can tell they’re turning that program around. But another reason I chose the Air Force is because it’s a big challenge for me and I like to challenge myself.”