GOP Congressional hopeful Igor Birman receives Ron Paul endorsement

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Ron Paul, credited as the leader of the liberty movement, endorsed Igor Birman for Congress in California’s 7th Congressional district.

“Igor Birman has seen first hand what happens when the government takes control of every aspect of your life. That experience will make him a valuable member of the House of Representatives and a leader for smaller government and more personal liberties. I am proud to endorse Igor Birman for Congress,” said Paul.

Birman expressed his gratitude.

“I am absolutely thrilled that the leader of the liberty movement has endorsed our campaign. (He) has inspired millions to fight to restore our federal government to its proper constitutional role, and I am very humbled to have him stand with us in this campaign” Birman said.

Birman has also been endorsed by Sen. Mike Lee, Rep. Tom McClintock, Rep. Thomas Massie, Rep Justin Amash and Rep. Raul Labrador and groups like Young Americans For Liberty and FreedomWorks.