Get your home ready for spring with these 5 tips

By: Laura Newell, Of the Telegraph
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With spring just around the corner, what are some easy swaps people can change around their house for the new season?

Enter Kerrie Kelly, a certified interior designer and author. Kelly owns Kerrie Kelly Design Lab, in Sacramento.

“In the midst of my yearly spring cleaning routine, I always look forward to finding new ways to refresh my home’s look and feel,” Kelly said. “Rearranging and editing out items that no longer serve a purpose always seems to lifts my spirits.”

Kelly said small changes can make a big difference to a home’s ambiance.

“Painting a room, switching out window coverings, or rolling up an area rug can completely transform a space without a complete design overhaul,” Kelly said.

The following tips, provided by Kelly, provide easy and affordable solutions for inviting spring into your home.

1. Dress up walls or ceilings with a dose of energetic color and patterns via wall covering. Even in a small space, graphic patterns in citrus colors can do wonders to enliven a space.

2. Invigorate a quiet space with a juicy, colorful lamp. Going bold with accents allows you the opportunity to experience color without making a big investment.

3. When the seasons change, replace your accessories with those related to spring. Fresh green accents are easy to grab from the outdoors – with a new season comes a bounty of lush color to incorporate into your interior.

4. A gleaming white bath is a great canvas for incorporating towels and containers of color. Accessories like lacquered boxes stylishly hold essentials and are great way to ease into your daily routine even if you aren’t a morning person.

5. Revamp a kid’s space with a mix of patterns and coordinating colors. An accent chair with contrasting seat and welting makes a traditional piece a bit more playful and kid-friendly. Throw a thoughtful monogram on the piece to make it even more personal and playful, too.

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