Get rid of the incumbents

Reader input
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It is time to dump the city council incumbents and there are many reasons to do so. A tribute to the only local Viet Nam veteran lost during the era was replaced by an expensive new library building in this time of the Internet in our homes. This is a desecration of a memorial. The current council has gifted the chamber of commerce a 3,000-square-foot building. Over 20 ago, the previous council gave a 20-year lease to the chamber for $1 a year. This year the council extended that lease for three years, bringing the total income for 23 years to $23. A giveaway lease 20 years ago would have been $1 per square foot per month. Currently, $1.50 per square foot per month would work. The loss to the city is close to $720,000. Total income lost over the life of the lease, with options, would be $892,000. The chamber claims that buying the building at a bargain price is OK but they cannot afford to pay rent. Another problem is the remodeling of Sutter Street. The infrastructure needed updating so the business people could feel better about the plumbing. The tree removal and widening of the street now allows on-street parking. The cost is $8.8 million. The council modernized the historic area and killed the quaint atmosphere. The council is catering to developers and forgetting the public. The things that attracted me to this area eight years ago are disappearing for the wrong reasons. Tony Hidalgo, Folsom