Found bones not human

Alaskan hiker’s discovery in Folsom turns out to be deer bones, police say
By: Penne Usher Telegraph Correspondent
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A leisurely hike around Folsom became upsetting for a visiting Alaska man when he stumbled upon a pair of bleached bones. Michael Haase, 39, of Anchorage, had been camping at Beals Point in late May. He was hiking near Folsom Auburn Road around 7 p.m. May 20 when he said he found a set of bones that appeared to be human. “I was kind of shocked,” Haase said in a recent phone interview. “It creeped me out. They were small like they could have been from a child.” He said he did not touch or examine the two small bones found in heavy brush near Brothers Boats. Haase noted the location, photographed the bones and notified the Folsom Police Department of his discovery. Officers checked out the bones and found that they were not human. “We determined that they were deer bones,” said Jason Browning, spokesman for the Folsom Police Department. The Telegraph contacted Haase to tell him the good news. “I kept thinking about them and was relieved to hear that they were deer bones, not that of a child,” Haase said. Browning said Haase’s discovery is not that unusual. “We get calls occasionally when there is construction going on in the area,” he said. “In all instances they have turned out to be animal bones.” In some instances the coroner has been called in to examine a find, and can “quickly make the determination,” Browning said. Haase did the right thing by notifying authorities. It is best to leave the bones in place, note the location and call local law enforcement, Browning said.