Folsom's Streetscape requires heavy lifting

Sutter Street's revitalization project starts with movement of pillars
By: Laura Newell Telegraph Staff Writer
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Folsom’s Streetscape project made a big move. The original pillars that were first moved from Folsom Prison during the first Sutter Street revitalization project in 1960, were moved to an undisclosed location last week to later bring back into the revitalization project. The pillars were once part of the state capital grounds before they were moved to Folsom Prison. “We want to incorporate (the pillars) into our new project and make them two gateway entry markers in the 900 block (of Sutter Street) by the light rail,” said Amy Feagans, Folsom’s housing and redevelopment director. The pillars are solid granite, weighing close to 16 tons, Feagans said. “This was the first step, and to watch them move the pillars so carefully was exciting,” said Jim Snook, owner of Snooks Candies on Sutter Street established in 1963. “I hope people come down to watch the process.” The recent rainstorms have caused only minor delays for construction, according to Feagans. “They are working hard to get back on track,” said Feagans. “But we are still in the beginning phases. Things are moving along.” The public can expect more construction in the next few weeks with the removal of the center median. Future work will include underground infrastructure improvements. “There is not one thing we can do about it. It’s changing so we need to try and stay positive,” said Marjorie Yohner, co-owner of Dorothea’s Christmas on Sutter Street established in 1964. “I’m glad they are finding a spot for the pillars and not just getting rid of them.” For more information on the project, visit Staff Writer Laura Newell can be reached at