Folsom won't go to the dogs

New ordinance caps number of pets for residents
By: Penne Usher Telegraph Correspondent
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An animal ordinance that would have allowed Folsom residents to keep four dogs and four cats has been ratified to a lower limit. Ernie Sheldon, Folsom City councilman, said the council said no to the four-and-four proposal, which is one reason it has taken months to gain the ordinance’s approval. “We went to three and three and we approved that at a recent meeting,” Sheldon said. “That was the final reading.” He suspects it will take 30 days to enact the new city ordinance. Previously the city of Folsom contracted with the county for animal control services. With its own city ordinance in place, the city has hired its own animal control officer, Sheldon said. Although the cap remains at the same level as when the city was under the control of Sacramento County, not everyone is pleased. Kerri Howell, city councilwoman and an animal lover, opposed the initial cap on dogs and cats. “Are we restricting other things, like gerbils or snakes?” Howell asked. She said her “issue” with the ordinance is that a small percentage of households have m ore than one animal. “I have three cats,” she said. “My animals don’t bother anybody. If I get another, will I be carted off?” Others believe that limiting the number of animals that can reside in any one household is a good idea. “We don’t want someone breeding dogs all over town and letting them do their business on the lawns,” said Folsom resident Harold Smythe. Sheldon said it is highly unlikely that residents that currently have more than three dogs and/or three cats, will be cited. He said those individuals would most likely be “grandfathered” in and not face any penalties. Penne Usher may be reached at