Folsom, state to cut down ‘hazardous’ trees

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The California Department of Fish and Game, in cooperation with the City of Folsom, will remove 29 Gray Pine trees along Blue Ravine Road between Riley and Sibley streets in March and April. “There are a few thousands trees in this area, and we are only removing a relatively small percentage of trees because they are deemed to be a potential public safety hazard,” said city Arborist Ken Menzer. The trees identified for removal border a section of the Humbug-Willow Creek recreational trail along Blue Ravine Road. The Department of Fish and Game owns the parcel of land. The City has an easement for the recreational trail that winds through the property. “We will not remove those trees which could fall down into the interior of the forested area as they are not a risk to the public and because they provide a benefit to local wildlife,” said state Wildlife Biologist Jason Holley. The trees that will be removed are all Gray Pines, commonly known as Foothill Pine or Digger Pine trees. Gray Pines are not protected by the city by species, location or size. Funding for the tree removal will be covered by the California Department of Fish and Game and the City of Folsom’s Tree Mitigation Fund. Work partners will include the California Conservation Corp, the California Department of Corrections and City of Folsom tree care staff. Tree removal will occur in March and April. Re-forestation acorn planting will be completed in December and January. ~ Staff report