Folsom residents raise stink over dog droppings, noise

By: Don Chaddock, Managing Editor
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From dog doo to noise, the Feb. 26 Folsom City Council meeting was wrapped up in about an hour.

Residents of the Willow Creek area complained about the noise associated with heavy equipment running out of the water treatment center.

James Baker, of Folsom, said it’s never been a problem in the past.

“We’ve lived there for 27 years so we’ve been through all the (treatment plant) upgrades,” he said. “The last major upgrade too several years.”

He said when the upgrades were complete, the heavy equipment never left, but stayed at the site and have been coming and going all day.

“Now we have traffic from employees in and out of the plant, the beeping of the trucks, the heavy equipment noise,” he said. I don’t think it’s appropriate for this equipment to be operated … in a residential area.”

City Manager Evert Palmer said the equipment is being operated by the water maintenance division and using the site as an operations center, sending equipment out when needed to other parts of the city.

Palmer called it a “vexing problem” for the residents and said the city strives to be a “good neighbor.”

As far as noise, he said they recently completed a noise study and the levels fall within the parameters of the Folsom Municipal Code, but the city would take action to reduce noise-making activities.

“Since it is a secure site, they run along the fence to check,” Palmer said. “What they are using now is (noisy). They may take to walking the fence line (to eliminate that noise).”

Another issue has a resident up in arms over what’s on the ground.

Rachel Spencer, a Folsom resident, complained about an issue that’s been piling up – dog droppings.

“You don’t have a law for people to pick up after their dogs,” she said during the public comment portion of the meeting.

Folsom Vice Mayor Jeff Starsky agreed the four-legged presents are becoming a problem.