Folsom offers new information to help prepare for metered water billing

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Folsom water customers will find important information on their utility bills that will help them prepare for a state-mandated transition from flat water rates to metered rate billing for actual water use in 2013. “We’re adding information about the actual volume of water each household used the previous month, and the amount they would be charged for that water when Folsom begins state-mandated water meter billing in January 2013,” said Utilities Section Manager Todd Eising. “We will include this information on all utility bills issued this calendar year so residents may track their water use in different seasons and adjust their usage before metered rates take effect.” Eising emphasizes that residents should pay the flat rate listed on their bill for the remainder of 2012. The metered rate statistics are purely informational. State law requires that all Folsom water customers pay metered rates for actual water use beginning in 2013. All residential customers will pay a monthly base fee, plus a commodity rate based upon actual metered water use, similar to a gas and electricity bill. “Water meters are an effective conservation tool,” said Eising. “Residents in other California communities have reduced water consumption by about 20 percent once they began paying for the actual volume of water they used. We expect to see similar conservation numbers locally.” That level of conservation will help Folsom meet another state legislative requirement that mandates a 20 percent reduction in per capita water use statewide by the end of 2020. The city continues to offer free in-home evaluations by water conservation experts. They teach residents how to adjust sprinklers for maximum effectiveness and offer other water saving recommendations. Call (916) 355-7252 to schedule an appointment.