Folsom mayor should be accessible to voters

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As a Folsom resident, I was shocked and disappointed that our current Mayor, Eric King, chose to use his title as our city’s mayor to lend legitimacy to his endorsement of the hateful Proposition 8. When I saw his name and title listed on the website as an endorser, I attempted to contact Mayor King via his official email address and work telephone number. I left messages requesting that he respond to my call and email to justify to me, a taxpaying citizen of Folsom, as to why he felt it was appropriate to advocate for the removal of my civil right to marriage. I never received any response to either communication. But today, I see he was able to send a letter to the Folsom Telegraph about the impact of this pernicious and unconstitutional referendum. I encourage other Folsom residents who feel that a mayor has an obligation to be accessible to his constituents to join me in condemning this shameful and undemocratic behavior, and to remember his conduct if he ever again chooses to submit his name for candidacy for elective office in our city. Allan Brauer Folsom