Folsom massage therapist aligns therapy with Symmetry

By: Margaret Snider, Telegraph Correspondent
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Kevin Gleave’s life changed 12 years ago. At that time he worked in construction, and in spite of his reluctance to be “pampered,” he received his first massage. “Not only did it help my body, it changed my state of mind,” Gleave said. “I didn’t realize how closely physiology is associated with our mental health.” He went to school to learn more about massage therapy, and friends and family told him that he had incredible hands, and great intuitiveness in the work. “So I started doing it as a hobby part time on Sutter Street with some chiropractors,” Gleave said. “It wasn’t until about six months into it that I realized that I had enough clientele that I could actually do it as an occupation.” Now an experienced therapist with a dedicated following, Gleave is especially enthusiastic about a new treatment in his therapy repertoire: Symmetry postural alignment, which was founded by Patrick Mummy of Folsom in 1997. The purpose of Symmetry is to correct detrimental posture resulting from years of repetitive stresses, sitting at desks, injuries, etc. In his initial, free Symmetry session, Gleave takes 21 different measurements of the client’s body. The postural assessment tool and computer software that Mummy developed and patented quantify the degree of misalignment and assign a set of specific exercises. Gleave assists the client through the exercises, and before and after photos and measurements demonstrate how the exercises can immediately change the body. After that, the client returns each two weeks, performing the required exercises at home in the interval. “Symmetry allows (the practitioners) to measure before and after their treatment, so it validates and shows the patient why they’re better,” Mummy said. “The patient now has the ability to be more proactive in their treatment and to understand more exactly why they’re feeling better.” Not only that, Mummy said, but having the patient continue the exercises at home holds the treatment. One of Mummy’s clients, Bob Hickman of Fair Oaks, tried Symmetry when he found that he would be having hip replacement. He felt the program definitely helped prepare him for surgery by improving his posture. After surgery, he said, was even better, and enhanced his rehabilitation. “The physical therapy that I got from the hospital was very lean,” Hickman said. “It was very limited, and there was a lot more stretching and strengthening that needed to be done. (Symmetry) really helped.” Gleave first received his massage therapy certification from Fair Oaks Massage Institute. He has added numerous certifications in different types of massage and treatment therapies, including acupressure, medical massage, pre and post sports event treatment, and a host of others. He performs his work at his small treatment room on Natoma Street, or goes in-home, and also is available for corporate chair massage. Gleave uses the Symmetry treatment in conjunction with massage and other types of therapy, according to the situation. Life Coach Jenifer Landers of Folsom is a long time client of Gleave’s and has regular massages. “Usually when I go to Kevin, I’m wanting deep relaxation,” Landers said. “If I have a specific body area, usually it’s my calves, or my neck and shoulders, and I’ll have him focus on that.” When she began the Symmetry exercises, it made a big difference. “I think it’s extremely valuable,” Landers said, “because of the result that you get immediately and then long term you can use it to maintain and keep yourself healed, without pain.” Gleave was one of the first practitioners that Mummy trained in Folsom. “It’s fun to be kind of on the leading edge for Northern California,” Gleave said. “A few years from now, practitioners will have this, and it’s cool.” ----- Shop talk Who: Kevin Gleave, Healing Sensation What: Massage Therapy Where: 312 Natoma St., Folsom (enter from back) Phone: (916) 837-6582 E-mail: healing Online: