Folsom kids are getting up and active

By: Laura Newell, Telegraph Staff Writer
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With a hop, jump and a skip, Folsom kids are getting into shape. Folsom is home to walking and bike paths, which provide families with an option away from a gym atmosphere. To continue April’s national “Let’s move campaign,” California Family Fitness in Folsom created a program and suggest ideas for families to stay active inside and outside. “I think there is so much information out there people can get misguided and with busy lives people forget to eat right,” said Chrystie Sullivan, general manager of California Family Fitness in the Folsom and Sunrise locations. “People have forgotten that activities and exercise can be a lot of fun.” Recently, the fitness center created an active hour for kids ages 2 through 12. “It’s a way to keep them active and silly without the kids realizing they are exercising,” said Sullivan, 41. “It’s also a great way to show parents how to keep their kids active and to ensure that kids are able to get that 60 minutes of exercise every day.” While the active hour program ended in April, the fitness center is still working to encourage kids and families to stay active. Through the center’s “Kid’s Club,” classes are offered including hula hoop, racket ball, dance, pool swimming and others, said Sullivan. She said that during ages 7 through 10, obesity hits kids the hardest. Therefore, classes are geared for kids ages 2 through 12. Family guest passes are available online at “One of the best ways to enjoy the recommended 60 minutes of physical activity every day is to go outside,” Sullivan said. She suggested that families bike ride or walk to the store and other small errands, rather than driving, to make exercise a part of children’s daily life instead of forcing them. “Take advantage of Folsom’s parks and trails,” said Sullivan who has lived here for 10 years with her family. “I’m a strong believer in the fitness industry, but being able to use the area around you is great.”