Folsom K9 receives gift of safety

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John Chapman, Companion Animals Territory Sales Manager for Trouw Nutrition International, presented Folsom Police Service K9 Rex with a Kevlar-for-K9 safety vest donation Jan. 10 on behalf of his company’s customers in the companion food industry.

“The bullet resistant vest will provide a level of protection Rex hasn’t previously had available due to the enormous cost,” said Sgt. Jason Browning, Folsom Police Department.

Chief Cynthia E. Renaud expressed her gratitude for Trouw Nutrition’s generous donation, stating the vest will provide a level of protection that Rex has not had before.

Trouw Nutrition USA is an international leader providing the agriculture and pet food industries with technology-based ingredients. They are based in Highland, Ill.

“It will be extremely beneficial to Rex,” said Folsom Police Department’s Sean Stokhaug, who works with Rex. “We would be more likely to use him in certain tactical situations where there might be someone who is armed with a firearm. The dogs are sometimes on the front line of locating a subject that could be hidden and armed. The dogs are often out there on their own and away from the handler. The use of the vest will keep him safer in that sort of environment.”

The vests typically cost around $900 and Chapman’s company is donating 10 of them for different K9 units nationwide.

“It will definitely keep him safer because of the ballistic capabilities of the vest,” Stokhaug said. “It’s the same type of material that we as police officers use for our bullet proof vests.”

Stokhaug said he is honored that his dog was able to receive the gift.

“It made me extremely happy that someone or some company picked us for this gift,” he said “They are very expensive and not all K9 units have them because of their price. The person who donated it to us found out about our K9 unit through our website.”

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