Folsom High School students tackle physics engineering challenge

By: Laura Newell, Telegraph Staff Writer
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The fifth annual Folsom High School Physics Engineering Challenge took place Friday for Folsom?s future engineers. The three hour competition took place on Friday, May 18 in the Folsom High School central quad. Folsom High School teacher Eric Wright Physics and Engineering said 30 different projects completed by 55 student teams, competed for the ?Pride of FHS? at the competition. Community members and professionals helped judge the competition. ?This is a capstone project of five projects,? Wright said. ?They chose a project out of a hat (at random) and had to research it, build it, test it and present it.? Featured projects include hovercrafts, solar car, catapults, rockets, aerodynamics, sterling engines, parabolic solar steam electric power plants and Tesla coils. ?The best lessons they have learned from this is problem solving and team work,? Wright said.