Folsom Cordova Unified School District turns to Montessori program

Kindergarten through third grade classes now accepting applications
By: Eyragon Eidam, Telegraph Correspondent
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FOLSOM, CA - The Folsom Cordova Unified School District (FCUSD) has started accepting applications for a new Montessori class slated to open at the start of next school year at Carl Sundahl Elementary School in Folsom.

The multi-age class structure and learn-by-doing teaching approach have district administrators and parents excited about the newest addition to the curriculum for the kindergarten through third-grade students enrolled in the program.

Elaine Linn, the parent of a third-grader at the school, has had positive experiences with her two children in Montessori classes and would like to see a fourth- through sixth-grade option available for her son next year.

“The methods, philosophy and approach are just so conducive to all children with various learning styles,” said Linn of her children’s experiences with the teaching system.

Curtis Wilson, Assistant Superintendent of Elementary Instruction, said that the administration is very open to the idea of a second Montessori class for the older grade levels if there is a need.

“We are absolutely open to the idea that if there is enough interest that we would be able to open up that class,” said Wilson of the possibility of adding a second Montessori classroom to the campus.

As it stands, the district has five students showing interest in the older-grade class, but will need a total of 25 to justify the expansion of the program.

“If I have 20 more students that run in for that class, or show interest in that class, we would provide a teacher and a classroom.” said Wilson.

Linn believes that the program will add even more value to the educational experience that students receive and urges interested parents to get involved and learn more about what opportunities are being offered to students.

“It’s really great that when so many districts are cutting things, our district is willing to be progressive and innovative and offer a program that is a really positive program,” said Linn of the Folsom Cordova District.

Stephen Nichols, public information officer for district, said programs like these are just one more way the district is trying to expand what they offer to their students.

“This is a part of the expanded offering that our district is taking a look at district wide,” said Nichols.

Families interested in more information about the Montessori program at Carl Sundahl Elementary School can find links to the information on the district’s website,, or by contacting district administration.