Folsom Cordova Unified School District promotes from within

By: Laura Newell, Telegraph Staff Writer
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Big changes are happening in coming months for the Folsom Cordova Unified School District. Beginning July 1, Curtis Wilson will become the assistant superintendent for Elementary Instruction, with direct responsibility of 19 elementary schools, district-wide. Wilson is now the principal of Gold Ridge Elementary School in Folsom. David Frankel, currently principal at Rancho Cordova Elementary, will become the new principal at Gold Ridge. Wilson has lived in Folsom with his wife and kids for 12 years. His two children are currently attending school in the district. He has worked in the Folsom Cordova Unified School District for 12 years as a teacher and principal. ?I will be closing out the year at Gold Ridge Elementary School,? Wilson said. ?I want to help make this transition smooth for the students, teachers and David.? Wilson said he is looking forward to his new responsibilities. ?I will be overseeing the 19 elementary schools in the district,? he said. ?I will also be supervising all programs including after and before school student-care programs.? In addition to overseeing school programs, he will also be directly working with the school board. ?I?m excited about all aspects of the job,? Wilson said. ?Anytime you take on a new position, there are always new expectations. So I plan to focus on what we have been doing, while giving fresh perspectives.? He said a positive aspect he brings to the table is his recent work in the district. ?I want to bring in my recent teaching experiences to my new position,? he said. ?I know what?s going on in a classroom right now and I know what is relevant to teachers and students. I know what the biggest struggles are, so I know how to both support our elementary principals and teachers.? He said the fact that he was promoted from within the district was also a positive experience. ?It makes me feel valued as an employee,? Wilson said. ?It?s nice to see all of these opportunities that have come to me.? According to Stephen Nichols, district public information officer, with recent budget cuts, the district has seen more internal promotions. He said it is a positive cycle that then allows for others to be promoted from within, like Frankel. Frankel has worked in the district for 19 years as a teacher and principal. ?I don?t expect a lot of changes,? he said. ?I?m passionate about kids and I want to support the kids? education.? Transitioning to the larger Folsom school will give him about 200 kids more to supervise than at Rancho Cordova Elementary. ?It?s a fun time to be an educator,? he said. ?There is a lot of new curriculum and teaching strategies. It?s going to be a fun time to work here as a principal in the district, no matter the location.? Frankel lives in Sacramento with his wife and three kids. ?My goal is to help support Gold Ridge in the best ways I can,? he said. For more information on the Folsom Cordova Unified School District, visit