Folsom Chevy helps drive rodeo

By: Penne Usher, Telegraph Correspondent
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FOLSOM CA - Sponsors play a major role in promoting and keeping the Folsom Pro Rodeo alive. Marshal Crossan, president of Folsom Chevy, has been a major sponsor of the rodeo for the past 20 years. ?We started with a $500 ad years ago,? Crossan said. ?Now we are a major sponsor and we provide several different vehicles for the officials to run around in. We are involved in the Cattle Drive as well. We do a little bit of everything.? When Crossan started Folsom Chevy in 1992, it was in the aftermath of a previous dealership. He said when he applied for his business license, he heard some women talking about the previous dealership and it wasn?t positive. ?We had a cloud over us for a bit,? Crossan said. Positive public relations were one way to emerge from the dark cloud. ?At the time I committed whatever resources I could. Back then, when we started with $500, it was like $50,000,? he said. Sponsorship means a great deal to the rodeo promoters. Dan Haverty, chairman of the Folsom Pro Rodeo, said the support is appreciated. ?I think not only do they bring the business community to the event itself, but financially through both and sponsorship and in-kind contributions, they provide a very strong support,? he said. Crossan said he?s gone forward and worked his way up to a major sponsor of the event. ?This was one way to have a positive impact on the community,? he said. Haverty said he appreciates the hard work of all the sponsors. ?I think they work so hard,? he said. ?The community spirit Folsom has, and the individual generosity of those who support us, is very much appreciated.?