FLB Sports Bar, Casino still hot venue in third decade in Folsom

Folsom Lake Entertainer
By: Eric Laughlin, Folsom Lake Entertainer
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FOLSOM, CA - If you ask its regulars, they’ll tell you its no fluke that FLB Sports Bar and Casino has consistently been voted best sports bar and night spot in the Folsom Telegraph’s Best of the Best edition. And that might have to do with the fact that the establishment isn’t anything like what you’ll find elsewhere in the region. For 33 years, the local family-owned FLB, which is part of the greater Folsom Lake Bowl entertainment complex, has offered its patrons card games, billiards, and wide array of sports broadcasts, beers and cocktails. In addition to Nevada-style $5 blackjack 365 days a year, the casino hosts Three Card Poker and Texas Hold ‘Em, daily from 9:30 a.m. until the last game ends, which can be as late as 5 a.m. “A lot of people ask how there’s gambling since we’re in California,” said Dan Dreher, who co-owns FLB with his father, sister and brother. “How it works that is 20-some years ago gambling was legal for card rooms, and when the law changed, us and about 100 others in the state were grandfathered in.” Dreher said patrons appreciate the venue since it’s so close to where they live. It also doesn’t hurt that it gives away free cash just for playing. There are actually a handful of different bonuses awarded to players who stay at the table for a length of time. “We’re offering a morning bonus where players get $40 if they get here between 9:30 and 10 a.m. and play at least three hours,” Dreher said. There are also other bonuses set up to reward regulars for time at the table. If you play a poker game for 10 hours, you’ll receive $60. Play for 20 and get $150, 30 hours for $250, and 40 hours will earn you $500. But even if you’re not the gambling type, you’ll likely find some form of FLB-style entertainment that suits you. The bar not only has 17 different beers on tap, but it’s the only one in town to feature Coors Light’s special 29 degree-super cold draft. There are also a wide array of special shooters that include the popular Apple Jack, consisting of Jack Daniels, Apple Pucker, Cranberry S&S and Triple Sec. You can additionally take advantage of the bar’s three billiards tables, which play host to a free Tuesday night tournament; all are free to play Sundays through Tuesdays. Of course if you’re a sports nut, you’ll enjoy the high definition flat screens, and the Sunday food specials that start in the morning on football days. “We’ve got an omelet bar that opens at 9:30 a.m.,” Dreher said. “We also have free wi-fi, a barbecue on the patio serving up great ribs, tri-tip and steak sandwiches, and of course our own in-house fantasy football.” Dreher said the flat screens are set to be tuned to the upcoming Jan. 14 UFC fight between Aldo and Mendes. “What’s also different is that the bar and casino is only open to the 21 and up crowd,” Dreher said. “That means you won’t have families with young kids sitting next to you while you’re watching the game.” He went on to say that one other striking different between FLB and other area bars is that FLB is always open until 2 a.m. “We’re not like other Folsom bars that close early when it starts to get slow,” he said. “We always close at 2.” FLB Sports Bar and Casino is located at 511 E. Bidwell Street in Folsom. Check them out on the web at or call (916) 983-4411.