Find fresh veggies, produce at Folsom, El Dorado Hills farmers markets

By: Laura Newell, Telegraph staff writer
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This summer people can take a stroll down Folsom?s Historic District and pick out fresh produce grown locally for their dinner table. The El Dorado County Farm Trails farmers markets promote agriculture in El Dorado County and the surrounding Sacramento region and offer two Folsom markets to residents. ?We offer high quality fresh produce, and a fun time for everyone,? said Seana Hartsell, Farm Trails market manager. ?This is a great family day, everyone knows each other and talks with the farmers. We have become our own community.? Almost all of their farmers come from El Dorado County and each market includes about 20 different booths for locals to choose from, Hartsell said. ?We promote farming and the 100 mile diet,? Hartsell said. ?That is where the food we provide doesn?t have to travel more than 100 miles.? Hartsell said their farmers are there the day of or before picking, and sell it freshly harvested. ?A lot of the time we are picking our berries the morning of the market, it doesn?t get much fresher than that,? Jean Reinders, local berry farmer. Still, Hartsell said farmers just want to teach locals about where their food comes from. ?We promote knowing where our food comes from,? Hartsell said. ?The farmers will explain to customers what they are eating and where that food came from. Our farmers know their food and what journey it has taken. They know how it was grown.? She explained if you don?t know about your food, you don?t know what you?re eating. So their farmers will explain to you about what you are choosing to put into your body. At the market in the Folsom Historic District, farmers offer produce, vegetables, fruits, berries, baked goods, meat items, eggs, flowers and local honey. ?Eating local honey is very good for people with allergies,? Hartsell said. ?When eating local honey, you are ingesting local pollen from local flowers that was harvested in the area you live. So it helps with controlling allergies. We specialize in the quality of the items. When you go there you get good quality food, and an education on the food that you are buying.? The El Dorado County Farm Trails offer two Folsom farmers market locations. From 8 a.m. to noon, on Sundays through October, the market is on Sutter Street in the Folsom Historic District. They also offer a market from 9 a.m. to 1 p.m. on Saturdays through September, in the Home Depot parking lot on East Bidwell. ?Folsom Historic District Association is proud to have El Dorado County Farm Trails offering a farmers market in Historic Folsom every Sunday,? Stephanie Rodgers, Folsom Historic District Association director. ?Our goal is to help grow this event and provide locals a great place to pick up fresh produce weekly. It gives our community another reason to visit beautiful Historic Folsom.? For more information, visit or find them on Facebook.