This family bond is no act

Sorgeas have taken to the stage together
By: Don Chaddock, Telegraph Managing Editor
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For a home-schooled family with five children, sometimes finding suitable social activities can present a problem. One El Dorado Hills family turned to theater to allow their kids to interact with their peers. Darren Sorgea moved his family from Southern California to El Dorado Hills in the mid-2000s and they quickly became involved in the nonprofit theatrical program known as El Dorado Musical Theatre. "Homeschooling is a lot of work, but it's worth it," he said. "I work so my wife does the schooling. Programs like this help home-schooled families like us. It gives (the kids) the socialization they need." Darren said they chose to home-school all their children. "Our oldest we home-schooled all the way up to college," he said. "She's 23 now." Katherine, 20, and her brother Stefan, 17, have been involved with the theater since at least 2006. Darren works behind the scenes, usually helping drop in sets and other suspended elements. The group who work the ropes are affectionately known as The Fly Dads. "I work the rail," he said. On stage Katherine has a lead role in the group's latest production, "Curtains," showing through July 31 at Three Stages in Folsom. She was also the lead in EDMT's "Anything Goes." Her brother is in a supporting role this time around, but does have a solo number. The siblings got involved in theater at about the same time. "Katherine was taking tap (dancing) classes and she came home and showed me," said Stefan. "I was like, "Hey, I want to try that.'" It was tap dancing that got them into EDMT. "Their tap teacher is the costume director for EDMT and she recommended they try out," Darren said. "They did and they got the parts." While the brother-sister acting team don't have an accurate count of shows they've participated in, they believe it's around "16 or 17." Katherine has only two shows left with EDMT, then she ages out of the program. "It's going to be hard to move on," said the Folsom Lake College student. "But I'm also glad to be moving on." Does she herself continuing her star turns in the spotlight? "I love it, but no. I'm not going to New York or anything," she said. "I think I'll stay involved (with theater) behind the scenes, helping children and teaching." Stefan still has a few acting years left in him. "I'll probably do it until I can't do it anymore," he said. "I love it." What's it like on the stage with the spotlight shining on you? "It's scary at first when you've never done it before," he said. "It takes getting used to." For proud papa Darren, being involved in something his whole family can enjoy is rewarding. "It's a joy for me," he said. "To work back stage is great. To watch them do what they do is phenomenal. I get nervous, but they don't." EDMT's Performing Arts Institute classes begin Aug. 16. To learn more about EDMT's programs, visit or call (916) 941-7464.