Ever wonder, 'What's the deal with that?'

A Word to the Wise
By: Tom Rupp
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On the TV show “Seinfeld,” the lead character sometimes asks, “What’s the deal?” He would follow the question with a puzzling topic, such as, “What’s the deal with Grape Nuts? There are no grapes, there are no nuts.” I have had several “what’s the deal” issues floating around in my head lately. For instance, what’s the deal with country singer Blake Shelton charging $29 to sing at the Sacramento Fair? Why not make it $30? Is someone going to say, “I was going to go at $29, but when I saw that they were charging $30, I decided to stay home.” What’s the deal with this whole “Bay Area” thing? Why not say San Jose or Oakland? It would be like a Rancho Cordova resident saying they are from the “foothills.” What’s the deal with Negro Bar? To still have an anomaly like that here in politically correct California is perplexing, to say the least. Is there something I don’t know that removes the offensiveness? What if there was a place in the South with that name? What’s the deal with the road blocks on Riley Street at Figueroa and Mormon streets? They were erected when the dam road was closed, but with the new bridge open, why have them? What’s the deal with the new foot bridge planned at the corner of Bidwell and Blue Ravine? The whole issue disappeared like Harper Lee. What’s the deal with this whole “cancel my subscription” thing? Occasionally in the local papers, a reader will write and complain about something and then request a subscription cancellation. What does that accomplish? What’s the deal with the overuse of the word “hero?” This word was once used sparingly, but now it seems as if every other person in the news is labeled a hero. Well, there you have it — a lot of things on my mind. What’s on your’s? Tom Rupp is a Bible Teacher at Capital Bible College. He can be reached at truppfolsom or through his blog at