This election is about Folsom's economy, jobs

Chamber endorses Starsky for City Council, Lungren for Congress and Beth Gaines for State Assembly
By: Marko Mlikotin, Guest column
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Your Folsom Chamber of Commerce is not just a volunteer organization that hosts the annual Fourth of July Folsom Pro Rodeo and Folsom Live; we are also advocates for local employers and store merchants. We believe that these are extraordinary economic times for all Americans, but despite one of the worst recessions, our community is better off than many. Sacramento County’s unemployment is a whopping 11 percent, while Folsom’s unemployment rate, in comparison, is a rather modest 5 percent — and the County’s home foreclosure rate is twice as much as in Folsom. This is not by chance or luck. It is because strong political leadership and good business sense has made Folsom a great place to work and raise a family. City Council Members like Jeff Starsky believe that keeping our local economy strong and creating jobs is the number one priority for our City leaders. Our leaders know firsthand that growing existing businesses and attracting new ones, such as the Palladio and high-tech firm SynapSense, is essential to a community that expects nothing less than the safest schools and neighborhoods, and the finest parks. Our city’s political leadership understands that when businesses close and jobs are lost, the city receives less tax revenue to fund important public services. Unfortunately, this wisdom is lost among many politicians who practice politics outside our city limits. On Nov. 6, you have a voice in the election process and so do we. Folsom’s leading small business organization stands with candidates who have a plan to continue to build our economy and create jobs, while reducing costly and needless taxes and regulatory burdens on job creators. This is why, in addition to City Councilman Jeff Starsky, we throw our full support behind Congressman Dan Lungren and Assembly member Beth Gaines. You can get a copy of the Folsom Chamber of Commerce 2012 Voter Guide by visiting to learn which candidates stand for jobs and which state ballot measures threaten our local economy by raising taxes on local businesses and income earners. While you may not agree with all of our positions, understand that we are local employers and neighbors who know first hand what is needed to grow our businesses, create jobs, and strengthen Folsom’s quality of life. Many of us have not only chosen to build businesses and jobs in Folsom, but we raise families here too. While our community is fairing better than most, our economy still needs to grow to increase consumer confidence, and fill many vacant retail stores and office space. This is why Folsom’s small business community has chosen to be a voice on Election Day. We hope you do too. Marko Mlikotin is president of River City Communications, a Folsom public affairs firm, and chair of the Folsom Chamber of Commerce Government Affairs Committee.