El Dorado Hills CSD board president vows to work for bright future for community

Reader input
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Our Community Services District has endured a challenging period, and more hard work lies ahead. But I and fellow board members also view the general manager transition as an opportunity to take stock in our district, objectively evaluate and learn from past events, and take immediate actions to begin a process that forges an even stronger and more resilient organization over the long term. The board’s decision to terminate the general manager’s contract was difficult but it became increasingly clear that certain performance issues could not be resolved. Now, the responsibility to find the right brand of leadership lies squarely on us. With that, we are taking immediate steps to ensure that the district’s current operations and longer term structural matters are addressed. In the coming weeks, we expect to hire an interim general manager and, concurrently, retain a professional recruiting firm to lead a national search for the permanent G.M., whom we hope to hire in the first half of 2012. The board also believes it is critically important to thoroughly and impartially review the district’s management practices, succession planning, communication, accountability, operating efficiencies and other priorities that impact the organization’s long-term viability and services we provide to you. We expect to start planning for this process shortly after the holidays. As we approach 2012 — our CSD’s 50th anniversary — it is amazing to look back and appreciate just how far the district has come. Taking nothing for granted, however, I am eager to work with the rest of the board, staff and residents to tackle the challenges that await us. Guy Gertsch, president, El Dorado Hills Community Services District Board of Directors