Editor's View: Readers sound off on stories, website

By: Don Chaddock, Telegraph Managing Editor
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Someone posting as mrfolsom55 posed this question on regarding our story on Steve’s Pizza, “Why do people in El Dorado Hills care about this mediocre pizza joint so much? Why is this a top story? I went there a few years ago it was alright. What’s behind all the articles?” Thanks for reading. As the article states, the pizza place has been in El Dorado Hills for 20 years. Considering El Dorado Hills is still a relatively new community (started in the 1960s), that’s a substantial amount of time. It’s practically an institution. When the hardware store in El Dorado Hills closed, the Telegraph also did stories on that business. I hope this helps clear up the reasoning behind the decision to do a handful of stories on the eatery. Another story is also generating some interest recently — the stabbing death of 19-year-old Minor Leon and the incarceration of the suspect, Joshua Atkins. According to the Folsom Police Department, Atkins is a “transient,” meaning he has no permanent fixed address. Some in the community have taken offense at the term. LoriKoons writes, “I would like to say I’m weary of the media reporting half truths regarding this story. Josh is continually being referred to as a transient, which could not be further from the truth. Josh lived in Folsom, a fact I’m sure the fine citizens of Folsom perhaps would like to disregard. He also has/had family ties to the area, quite clearly friends who live there. Homeless perhaps, but not a transient.” “Homeless” and “transient” are interchangeable in the eyes of the law and this is the newspaper’s official source of information. She goes on to say our reporter should do more legwork to report the “truth” of the story. I can say we have reached out to the Atkins family, without response, and the Leon family has declined to be interviewed. That leaves us with official sources such as the police department and court records as well as friends willing to go on record. Reach Editor Don Chaddock at