Editor's View: No shortage of stage shows in town

By: Don Chaddock, Telegraph Managing Editor
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With the opening of Three Stages at Folsom Lake College, there is now no reason to complain about a lack of live theatrical productions and concerts in the area. The arts center is playing host to headlining acts and local groups. El Dorado Musical Theatre is now at Three Stages. Folsom Lake Community Concert Association and Folsom Symphony are tuning up for shows at the top-notch venue as well. But, there are also plenty of other opportunities to see a live show. Sutter Street Theatre has numerous shows happening every weekend. In fact, before Three Stages, the intimate theater in the heart of Folsom was the area’s only full-time live performance theater. Their current lineup boasts shows for all ages. And let’s not forget THE Actor’s Workshop. They have a show happening right now called “The Lower Room.” The local schools are also putting on plays. In fact, I had a chance to watch a rehearsal for St. John Notre Dame School’s production of Disney’s “Beauty and the Beast, Jr.” (See inset photo.) It takes a lot of patience to work with so many kids. From a pack of wolves to dancing silverware and napkins, the students really get to jump into their roles. For more information on the shows, see our entertainment page on A12. Snakes on the trail I’ve received a few prods from concerned readers asking me to remind locals of the dangers on the local trails (and yards and parks). In case you aren’t aware, we live in rattlesnake country and spring is when they really start to come out and get active. When you’re walking the trails, be sure to make some noise to alert the snakes of your presence. A frightened snake is very dangerous. If you come across a snake, move back slowly the way you came. Don’t provoke the snake by throwing rocks at it or poking it with a stick. It should move along once it sees you. Up in the higher country, you should also be aware of bears and mountain lions. Don’t allow small children to walk too far ahead of you. If you come across a mountain lion, don’t run. That could trigger its chase instinct and mark you as prey. Yell, wave your arms to make yourself appear larger and throw a rock or two in its general direction. You should also carry a whistle with you. Telegraph happenings Tuesday night, well after our press deadline, the city is set to unveil its budget for the coming year. Overall, I’d say the city has fared well and should be in a good position to handle any financial hits. Check the Telegraph website at to see the specifics of the budget. This week we bid adieu to Telegraph advertising manager Nina Jaeger. She was a joy to work with and we’ll miss her. We also said a farewell to Mandy Hannah, who is now working with our sister paper, the Roseville Press Tribune, in their legals department. Good luck, Mandy.