Editor's View: If a tree falls on McAdoo, does anyone notice? Yes, they do

By: Don Chaddock, Managing Editor
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As you hold this week’s fishwrapper in your hands, the election is over.

The Folsom City Council could have an infusion of new blood, if Roger Gaylord garnered enough votes to unseat either Ernie Sheldon or Jeff Starsky, or it will be status quo if voters rejected his “fresh face” campaign.

Democrat Ami Bera’s challenge against incumbent Republican Dan Lungren should prove interesting in the congressional race. It was looking tight in the polls.

How does the weekly Telegraph newspaper handle the election, since it doesn’t wrap until late Tuesday night (when we’re already printed)? That’s why we have a website.

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Tree trouble

A caller was perplexed by the removal of trees at McAdoo and Iron Point Road. The caller said the trees had orange netting around them so she was under the assumption they were to be saved with all the construction.

Not quite, according to city officials.

Arborist Ken Menzer said the trees were removed because they were in poor condition.

“The developer will replace the trees (likely next spring) with drought tolerant trees that will provide a nice canopy over the street,” said Sue Ryan, the city’s public information officer.

Scarecrow winners

Candy Miller, with the Folsom Historical Society, said the first Scarecrow Corral People’s Choice contest was well received.

First place went to Scarecrow No. 6 entered by Tracie Triani. Second went to No. 9 entered by Greg Mast. Third went to No. 10 entered by Folsom Lake Bank.

“The sponsors of this first time event, the Folsom Historical Society and the Folsom Arts Association, would like to thank everyone who visited Pioneer Village the two weekends (before Halloween) and voted for their favorite scarecrow,” Miller wrote. “All the entries were exceptional and very creative.  The winners received prize baskets and the first place winner will be listed on a plaque at Pioneer Village.”

Strike is on

Luckily, I was able to get my sandwich from the Raley’s deli  over the weekend prior to the Sunday strike. Others weren’t so lucky. As of press time (Monday night), the strike was still going strong at Raley’s in Folsom and El Dorado Hills.

Get involved in local races

Kathryn Corbett, who helped organize a forum for Folsom City Council candidates, is disheartened by the lack of interest from residents in seeking a seat.

“First I think most of us view the Folsom City Council as a top team of folks and combined with all our city government we have one driving force that has done an amazing job in the current trying economy,” Corbett wrote.  “While we may not agree with how every issue is resolved or new developments directed, we know we have a winning team. Considering this it is not surprising, we had only one contender for two incumbent seats.”

Corbett said people should brush up on local issues and be prepared for questions at forums and debates.

“(There has been a) real lack of understanding of what is going on as far as current issues or developments by these challengers (in recent city elections),” she wrote. “Many others and I who have worked at keeping up with city issues even just moderately noted a big gap here on current issues. We all know a new person on board wouldn’t know all the ropes, but this is bigger than that.”

So, if you’re going to run for a local office, get your ducks in a row, or you could end up all wet at the ballot box.

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