Editor's View: Crime time, trail talk and some notes

By: Don Chaddock, Managing Editor
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Readers love certain parts of their newspaper. Letters? Yep. Some columnists? Those too. The crime log? Uh huh.

I have a few readers who call to voice their disappointment if their favorite part of the paper didn’t publish that particular week. One of those callers happened to catch me Sunday in the office.

He thought the crime log hadn’t been publishing lately. Actually, the crime log publishes every week on page A2. There are some weeks when the police department hasn’t updated their files or we have a staffing issue at the Telegraph and are unable to devote four hours to compiling that particular item.

If there’s one thing I know, people love to read about their neighbors.

Reader feedback

At, Julie Borges had this to say regarding my column last week (about the trails).

“I’m on your side! Always stay on the right side while biking or on foot! I’m 56 and that has been the rule since I started riding a bike and walking the trails. The bike riders need to learn they do not own the trails. Especially on the Folsom Trail (since) so many families (are) on it! Stick to (passing) on the left with a bell ring! Everyone has learned that since I have lived here for the last eight years. No changes (and I) don’t want to see our children hurt. Thank you.”

I need to point out I’m not advocating walker buck the current rules (walkers on the left, cyclists on the right). As other letter writers pointed out, some of the state parks trails have a different set of rules (everyone on the right, cyclists pass walkers on the left with a shout or bell ring). Follow whatever set of rules are posted where you are walking.

News and notes

City Councilwoman Kerri Howell tells me the Boston Crusaders, the drum and bugle corps who performed last year in Folsom, were busy Monday marching in the parade to mark the inauguration of President Obama.

The warm weather certainly brought out the families Sunday. I saw many with ice skates strapped to their feet while shoppers strolled Sutter Street.

With the Maloof family finally showing their true colors by selling off the Kings, I say good riddance. Now, let’s attract a sports team to the region with owners who understand fan loyalty.

Did I see the lovely ladies at Not Too Shabby on TV the other morning? Yep, they were on Good Day Sacramento. The shop is located on Sutter Street next to Snook’s Candies at Wool and Sutter.

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