Editor will work for girly giggles

By: Don Chaddock, The Telegraph
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The laughter of children is important and it was just what I needed after days of immersing myself in a world of murder and teens on the lam. Armed with my notepad and camera, I rushed back from a press conference at the El Dorado County Jail in Placerville last week to file my story online, then headed over to the Folsom Community Center for some lighter fare. A group of about 50 were gathered to discuss the planned “Play for All” park. Wendy Sipple of Sierra Style Magazine was pouring wine and cheerfully explaining the park to those who asked. I got to know Wendy when we judged a photography contest at the Folsom Arts and Senior Center last year, so anything she’s a part of already has a good chance of getting my support. Meanwhile, her “partner in charity” Terry Carroll worked the front of the room, explaining the importance of the park to not only children with disabilities, but also those blessed with good health. Chris Taitt, one of the folks with Landscape Structures, said Roseville’s Maidu Park has a similar setup. “It will give you a real sense of what they’re trying to do here,” Taitt said. The organizers of the park say they are still $20,000 away from their goal, and that’s only for the first phase. It is designed for children up to age 5, according to Dane Schweitzer. He is the father of 4-year-old Olivia, who suffers from cerebral palsy, and acts as a liaison between the disabled community and park organizers. He says he knows many of the parents from waiting rooms to see physical therapists. I believe the park, which will be used by disabled children and those without disabilities, is a worthy cause and one that community service clubs should get behind. The Rotary Club of Historic Folsom is hard at work trying to raise funds. To make a donation, or to learn more about the project, visit GOING TO STATE Ron Hawn stopped by the office to see me last week to discuss the 72nd annual California Golden Boy’s State, being held at CSU Sacramento. Two young men were selected for their “outstanding leadership, character, academic (achievements), loyalty and service to their schools,” according to Hawn. Attending are James Rozak, Casa Roble Fundamental High School, and John Ross Riggin, of Vista Del Lago High School. American Legion Post 362 sent the boys to the event on June 20 and they are expected to wrap up on June 27. “The objective of the Boy’s State program is to provide practical experience that teaches young men about state government and how to become better leaders,” Hawn said. “As participants return to their schools for their senior year, they are able to take a more active role in student government.” While I haven’t met Rozak, I have met Riggins. He’s a stand-up young man and his mom, Patti, is just beside herself with excitement. He is also the first student from the new high school to attend. Good luck you two and congratulations. THE BALLOON MAN CAN Say aloha to Kenn Serrano, of the Aloha Balloon Company. He’s made quite an impact on the Thursday Night Market on Sutter Street. Unfortunately, if you didn’t get to see his work on display near Folsom Lake Bank, you missed out. Thursday was his last time at the event. How did he get his start? “I’m a magician,” he told me. “At the end of my show, there was nothing tangible (to leave with) the audience.” Serrano moved to Folsom from Hawaii three months ago and he jumped right into helping the community with the exhibit benefitting the Twin Lakes Food Bank. I hear Jerry Bernau helped by donating the workspace for the balloon art exhibit. For photos of the exhibit, go to Don Chaddock may be reached at