Donkey basketball coming to Folsom High

By: Matt Long, Sports Editor
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Donkey Basketball

What: Three donkey basketball games featuring Folsom High students, staff and alumni and the stars of the show: donkeys.

When: 2:30 p.m. Sunday

Where: Folsom High gymnasium

Tickets: Available from any FHS sports team or at Tom’s Barber Shop, 93 Natoma St. Also available at the door.

Cost: Presale $8 for adults, $6 for 7-12th grade, $4 for K-6th grade. At the door costs increase by $1.

Donkeys have long been described as stubborn, animals which are difficult to control or handle, unreasonably inflexible and obstinate.

The nature of the four-legged farm animal should make for an interesting and entertaining time Sunday afternoon at Folsom High, when the school’s athletic boosters host a donkey basketball game in the gymnasium beginning at 2:30 p.m.

Folsom’s Athletic Booster Club President Kellie Hurlimann remembered how fun the event was from her days in high school and brought up the idea to Folsom’s Athletic Director Lisa Finley.

“We wanted to find a different type of fundraiser, a fun community event that would bring the kids, the staff and the community together,” Finley said. “Kellie said they held a game at her high school and she said it was a blast and the kids loved it so we decided to have one here.”

Hurlimann added, “The donkeys are stubborn and combined with the rules of the game and the people playing, it’s hysterical to watch. It was a pretty big fundraiser at my high school and I’m hoping it will be here.”

Three games will be played Sunday involving donkeys, Folsom High students, staff and alumni. A five-man team of Folsom High athletes will square off against an alumni team, while the Folsom High staff will play a group of students. Both games will be 16 minutes long. The winning teams will then play in the championship game, which will be eight minutes long.

While the gymnasium floor will be protected from the donkeys’ hooves, which will be covered by rubber, there will be no stopping nature’s call. A clean-up crew on the scene to immediately clean up any messes.

The rules of the game put four players on each team on donkeys with one person playing on foot. Players can get off the donkey to retrieve the ball, but can never let go of their donkey. To shoot a basket or defend a shot, players must be sitting on their donkey.

Folsom High junior Whitney Mayberry and sophomore Tyler Crandall will participate in the game and are looking forward to it.

“I think it will be fun,” Mayberry said. “I’ve seen videos of it and people are falling off the donkeys. I think it will be funny. I think it might be hard, though, because I don’t know how stubborn the donkey will be.”

Crandall added, “It will be pretty exciting. I never heard of anything like this before so it sounds like fun to me. I think it will be challenging because I’ve heard donkey’s can be stubborn and hard to control.”

The event serves as a fundraiser for Folsom High’s athletic program and tickets can be purchased through any school sports team and at Tom’s Barber Shop at 93 Natoma St. prior to game day. Pre-sold tickets sell for $8 for adults, $6 for students in seventh grade through high school and $4 for students in sixth grade and below. Ticket prices at the door will increase by one dollar to $9, $7 and $5.