Do residents really want land developed?

Reader input
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In the June 22 Telegraph article titled “Land annex moves ahead,” a councilman was quoted as saying “residents overwhelmingly said they want us to develop this project.” We hear that a lot, but just because a falsehood is repeated over and over, it does not make it true. When Folsom residents passed Measure W, we collectively spoke in favor of local control and protecting open space. To hear some council members tell it, the measure was also a mandate to develop 70 percent of the annexed land south of Highway 50. And yet, while it may appear that the development project is “all systems go,” we still don’t know what residents actually want. Do Folsom residents really favor development? The city’s own poll once demonstrated just the opposite, and it would be interesting for the Telegraph to conduct a fresh poll. Annexation is not synonymous with rezoning, and I wonder how residents would answer the question: “Should the annexed land now be rezoned and developed?” The Telegraph also noted that fewer dissenters spoke at the recent council meeting, and the reason seems clear: it is not only an exercise in futility, but an open invitation to debasement by certain condescending elected representatives who refuse to let resident objections interfere with their development celebration. At the very least, I challenge our public servants to step up and henceforth treat residents with the respect we deserve. Rich Tauchar, Folsom