Dabbling in paint a great way to spend the summer in Folsom

Folsom Lake Entertainer
By: Margaret Snider, Folsom Lake Entertainer
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FOLSOM CA - Those looking to beat the summer heat this year can explore a new hobby at The Painted Cork. Tucked away at 801 Sutter St. in Folsom, artist Kimberly Godinho provides a unique kind of art instruction. She presents classes that are both painting lessons and social events, and that end with each guest going home with their own finished painting. All guests need to bring are themselves. For adult classes, guests can also bring wine and snacks for their breaks. Everything else is provided. Now Godinho has added parties for the under-21 crowd, in their own separate studio at the same location. Classes for 7 years old and up can accommodate 20 guests, while the adult studio fits 36. Godinho hopes to further break out the age groups into family events that include various ages, and separate classes for ages 10-15, and 16-20. ?It?s new,? Godinho said. ?So I?m trying to mold it and make it comfortable for everybody.? Deana Sellarole of Folsom recently booked a party for her 8-year-olddaughter Jillian?s birthday. ?We did the tulips,? Deana Sellarole said. ?Because that was what my daughter chose. We all did that and I actually have them hanging in my house, they?re very cute.? Godinho said that the lesson process is simple. ?In the studio we do acrylic paintings on 14 x 18 canvases,? Godinho said. ?Acrylic is very forgiving, and it dries very quickly and so by the end of the two or three hour class, your painting is ready to go home with you.? Godinho readies everything ahead of time by choosing a picture she thinks will work well for the process. ?I make the painting myself first, and I take lots of notes and photographs along the way,? Godinho said. ?There are a million ways to paint a painting, so it?s just a matter of which color are we putting on first, which brush stroke are we using first, the time periods of drying between the layers.? One regular is Tula Mattingly of Modesto, along with her husband Ted. Tula had the itch to learn how to paint. She looked around for lessons, and they all seemed too expensive, too lengthy, and besides that, she would be required to spend considerable money on supplies before she even knew if she would like it. Then she heard of The Painted Cork in Folsom. ?I thought, now that sounds like something I?d like to try,? Tula said. ?It was very affordable and you just walk in. You don?t have to take anything, you don?t have to buy anything. You know what you?re getting up front, you pay a fee and that?s it.? She convinced her husband, Ted, to take her. ?I kind of went kicking and screaming,? Ted said. Tula said they made a day of it, had breakfast on Sutter Street, walked around the shops, then attended the painting class. ?Not only did I fall in love with her concept, but she is a remarkable, positive person,? Tula said. ?She just makes you feel good from the time you go in the door to the time you leave.? Now Tula has painted 14 paintings and Ted almost as many. ?The first time I went, I said, holy moley,? Ted said. ?When you come away with a painting at the end of each class and you say ?Wow, I did that,? that?s what puts chills in you.? Godinho has been painting since she was 5. She has a Bachelor?s degree in fine arts, and has taught art for 17 years. For more information and registration, visit or call (916) 899-0537. * * * KNOW AND GO Who: Artist and teacher Kimberly Godinho What: The Painted Cork Where: 801 Sutter St., Folsom When: Check website for class days and times or call (916) 899-0537 Cost: Kids? classes are $25 per person, two-hour adult class $35, three-hour adult class $45 Info: (916) 899-0537 or