Cow parade tips hat at Folsom artist

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One Folsom artist is looking to cows for inspiration.

Molly Brown Roberts, of Folsom, was recently honored in Chapel Hill, North Carolina, at the Cow Parade International public art exhibit.

Through hundreds of entries, Roberts’ design for the life-size cow was selected to be sponsored by UNC Children’s Hospital in Chapel Hill.

Her painted cow, titled “Cowalina Dogwood,” is one of 80 other cows selected with sponsors.

During past months, these painted and costumed cows were placed throughout Raleigh, Durham and Chapel Hill on display in shopping centers, colleges, museums and hospitals, Roberts said. They are scheduled to be auctioned off Feb. 2 in Raleigh for The Children’s Hospital of the University of North Carolina.

“The happy cows are expected to bring in more than $30,000 for charity at the auction,” Roberts said.

All proceeds go the UNC Children’s Hospital and Rex Center in Chapel Hill.

“I have painted and done art work all my life (and received) some honors, but never had as much recognition as this,” Roberts said. “It is for such a good charity. They do not turn away a child if there is not any money. The University of North Carolina Children’s Hospital and Rex Center are known throughout the country for their fine work and generous help to children. I feel honored to do a small part through my artwork to help this fine charity.”

Roberts was also chosen to have her “Cowalina Dogwood” replicated into miniature models for future sales.

“It is even more gratifying (to have it replicated),” she said. “If they are not too expensive, I will buy one.”

Locally, Roberts is a member of Folsom Art Association, the El Dorado Hills Art Association and Alamance Artisans.

Folsom Art Association members are also proud of Roberts.

“We are always excited when one of our members gets accepted into other shows outside of the area,” said Folsom Art Association President Lori Anderson. “I am very happy to have her right here in our Folsom Arts Association. It’s so good for Folsom also.”