Couple finds love through music 16 years later

By: Laura Newell, Of the Telegraph
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What: Bob Rawleigh performs “Classic Songs for the Love of My Life”
When:  6:30 to 9:30 p.m., Saturday, March 2
Where:  Winestyles, 915 Sutter St., Suite 100, Folsom

Just weeks after Valentine’s Day, one couple continues to share their love story through music.

They will be in Folsom on Saturday to share their love story and perform at Winestyles.

Bob and Kathy Rawleigh, of Pollock Pines, fell in love 30 years ago, but didn’t get their happy ending until recently because of racial tension. Through music, they were able to fall in love twice, and the second time was for keeps.

“We were on a worship team together 30 years ago in Pasadena,” Bob said. “We became fast friends as we traveled with our team singing and quickly fell in love. We have an interracial relationship, and because of all the racial turmoil in the early 1980s, we decided to end our relationship and stay friends.”

The two married other people within their own races, and moved forward in their individual lives. The two lost contact as life went on. Kathy moved to Washington and Bob was in Sacramento.

Almost 16 years later, they found themselves divorced and starting new chapters in their lives.

Bob decided to record a CD and began working heavily on song choices. Thinking back to his days on the worship team in Pasadena, he remembered a song Kathy wrote years ago.

“I wanted to use the song that she wrote on my CD. So I decided to find her and ask for permission,” Bob said.

After searching for Kathy under her married name, Bob had no luck as she had changed it back to her maiden name. He finally talked with an old mutual friend, who gave him an old phone number she had from Kathy. As luck would have it, the number was correct.

“After our first phone call 16 years later, we ending up talking for five hours,” he said. “It felt like no time had passed.”

Kathy felt the same way.

“You talk about finding your soul mate – well I believe that is what we had,” she said. “We had a deep soul connection that never went away. It was the most amazing thing and we both realized that we were still in love.”

The couple phone dated for months and finally Kathy visited him in Sacramento. Bob soon proposed, and Kathy moved to Sacramento to be with him.

“I moved to marry Bob in July, and we were married in August,” she said. “We bought a house in Roseville and were married in the backyard. Then, we just hit the ground running.”

Soon after, the couple released Bob’s first CD in 2002 and joined a church allowing them to go back to their roots in music. He still continued to focus on his personal music career.

Since, Bob has recorded five CDs including his latest release “Classic Songs for the Love of My Life.” His music shares classics from the Great American Songbook, blending styles of Frank Sinatra and Nat King Cole with today’s favorites - Michael Buble and Josh Groban.

They now live in Pollock Pines and are directors of worship at Pollock Pines Community Church.

Bob also performs regularly at local venues in the greater Sacramento region, including Folsom. Kathy, also a musician, sometimes performs with her husband, allowing them to share their story of love and hope.

They will perform from 6:30 to 9:30 p.m. on Saturday, March 2, at Winestyles, at 915 Sutter St., Suite 100, in Folsom.

“So now we are sharing our story wherever we can,” Kathy said. “It’s pretty neat — we give people hope. It shows that you can have a second chance in life and there is always a chance to be happy and find love.”

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