Confluence: It was nice visiting you

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If I understand the Auburn Journal right, (California) Parks and Recreation wants to charge a fee of $8 to launch a boat and $10 to park the tow vehicle – total $18 (“Nature’s beauty will cost you,” Journal, June 26).
I usually fish alone and have paid approximately $50 for a license to fish. Add the cost of a few lures and bait, etc., it gets a little expensive. Maybe exorbitant. Now the confluence — $10 to park!
When friends and relatives visit from Ohio, Southern California, Nevada, Idaho, etc. I always take them to see the bridge — over the bridge and down the canyon — two cars, at least. A quick trek to look up at the bridge (ahs and awes), a trek to the river for those that can make it. My son has to use a walker so he tried to find a shady bush.
So, a half hour and two cars costs $10 bucks. You’re serious!
I used to live along the Ohio River. You were not charged to enjoy it. And it was a real river.
I am not downplaying the American. Needless to say I (we) will not be fishing Folsom or visiting the confluence again. Just like the Ponderosa.
P.S. I hope the A.J. publishes some nice pictures of the bridge.
MAC McDEVITT, Meadow Vista