Coach eyes run at council

By: Matt Long
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Mike Kozlowski has only lived in Folsom five years, but it didn’t take him long to fall in love with the city. He and his wife, Kim, and their kids, Henry, Harry and Annie, have put down roots in the town and now he wants to make a difference in the future of the city, as he has plans to run for city council later this year. Kozlowski, 41, is an architect and is employed by ANOVA Architects, with offices in Placerville and Sacramento. When he’s not working, he’s heavily involved with at Vista del Lago High where his sons got to school. During football season Kozlowski served as Vista’s public address announcer during home games and he just completed a stint announcing the varsity boys’ basketball games. Now Kozlowski is staying involved as assistant head coach on the track and field team under Mark Bosse. Kozlowski, himself a former 200- and 400-meter sprinter and high jumper while in high school, is coaching the jumpers (high, long and triple), as well as the sprinters at Vista del Lago. Both his sons, Henry, a junior, and Harry, a freshman, run sprints, while Harry is also a jumper. “I had some success in track in high school, but I wasn’t a superstar,” Kozlowski said. “I had such a poor coach when I was in high school that it has inspired me to want to be a coach.” On top of his work and involvement with Vista del Lago’s athletics, Kozlowski has decided to run for one of the three openings on Folsom’s City Council this fall. He’s always wanted to get involved in local politics and he feels the time is right. “Local politics has always interested me,” Kozlowski said. “Folsom is a terrific place to live and I think the city manager and the city staff has done a fine job. While the recent downturn in the economy hasn’t killed the city, I think we could have a more averaged out budgeting plan. The city budget escalated dramatically from 2004-2008 and now it’s being scaled back in a painful way. I believe the budget should grow slowly. The long term plan should be conservative as possible.” Kozlowski went on to say that council should be responsible and frugal with the city’s money, focusing on families, kids and parks, as well as being a good ambassador to business.” Kozlowski’s wife, Kim, is anxiously looking forward to her husband’s venture into politics. “I’m nervous about it, but it’s also exciting in its own way,” Kim said. “We feel at home here and Mike has always wanted to get into local politics and this is the next logical step. I’m happy and excited for him. He’s got a lot of good ideas and I think the city is lucky to have someone committed to this as he is. “I’m very proud of him.”